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Our foundation believes that everyone should have support to chase their dreams. We know that students entering college have financial barriers, and our goal is to clear the way to make educational goals a reality.

Providing access to higher education for Boston’s aspiring students.

The story of our foundation began when Salvatore Pizzi arrived in the United States from Italy and started his journey as a successful entrepreneur. Salvatore believed that hard work turns into opportunities, and we’re proud to honor his achievements by giving back to the Boston community.

Salvatore Pizzi: The Inspiration for our Foundation

Salvatore Pizzi and his wife

Our scholarship review process begins in January of each year and runs through March. We realize you may have questions about our scholarship review process, and what happens if you’ve been awarded a scholarship from our foundation. The scholarship overview page will answers your questions.

We’d love to help you!

Boston Community Leader

Simplifying collaboration with the Pizzi Foundation is our top priority. Our board members will support you and your students throughout the scholarship process. Our aim is to ensure a straightforward and effortless experience throughout this journey.

Pizzi Foundation Community Leaders

Since 2013, we've been dedicated to supporting students within Boston and its surrounding communities:

The impact we’ve had in our communities



Bestowed a grand total of

scholarships annually



Enabling students to access higher education, including 4-year bachelor's degrees and trade schools

neighboring communities


Currently extending our services to Boston and


What people are saying

"I am incredibly grateful for the support I've received from the Maria Pizzi Foundation's scholarship during my time as a sophomore at Boston College. This scholarship has been a game-changer for me in pursuing my college education.

The financial burden of tuition and living expenses can be overwhelming, and this scholarship has eased that..."

Maria Peterlin
2023 Scholarship Winner

Scholarship Winner Pizzi Nonprofit

"To the Board of the Salvatore and Maria Pizzi Foundation, I wanted to take this opportunity to extend my sincerest thanks and appreciation for your years of continued support and partnership.  Because of the Pizzi Foundation's generous financial contributions, officers have been able to offer scholarships to rising freshmen that will last their entire college journey. "

Nora L. Baston: 


Bureau of Professional Development,

Boston Police Department

Nora Baston Scholarship Boston Community

"The transformative influence of the Pizzi Scholarship on my college journey is immeasurable...This milestone signifies the culmination of years of dedicated effort and propels me remarkably close to achieving my lifelong dream of becoming the first Deaf Boston Police Officer."

Mohamed Abanoor 
2023 Scholarship Winner

Mohamed Abanoor 2023 Scholarship Winner

"I am so grateful for the Pizzi Foundation Scholarship! This has allowed me to purchase costly items such as notebooks and textbooks as well as other dorm needs including paper towels, food, etc. My family feels relief knowing I have this scholarship and that I can comfortably afford extra items to support my education. Thank you so much!"

Caitlin Fitzgerald
2023 Scholarship Winner

Caitlin Fitzgerald Scholarship Winner
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